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The Montana Brewery Passport will serve as your logbook for Montana breweries, tasting notes, rankings, beer education, and fun. Can you drink to that? Buy One Now!

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Montana has nearly 70 breweries.

It's true, Montana teeters between #2 and #3 in the United States for breweries-per-capita. With 69 craft breweries (and counting!) within our borders, there is plenty of excellent beer to explore.

But Montana is more than its beer. We lay claim to two national parks and provide 30 million acres of public lands (one-third of the state is public land) for exploration, so getting to these breweries is half the fun!

The Montana Brewery Passport is your place to keep track of the breweries you visit. Perhaps you'll spend a week in Montana, or maybe you already live here and are looking for an excuse to travel the state. Either way, you can collect your stamps and take notes along your journey.

Each brewery listed in the passport has its own stamp. The question is, how many can you get?